Debunking some of the most common myths about birth

In the era of Dr Google, there's no shortage of labour and childbirth myths out there. Let's face it, these have been around since the dawn of time but in today's world they can spread like wildfire.

As a midwife for over 10 years, I think I've seen and heard it all! So rather than let you rely on Dr Google, let me must some of the most common misconceptions about labour and childbirth. My mission is to empower you with the latest evidence-based information in these areas, not old wives-tales and heresay.

So here's some of the most prolific myths that you can consider are well and truly busted!

MYTH: My waters must break before labour to start
BUSTED! Waters don’t need to have broken for labour to start. Most people will experience contractions before waters break.

MYTH: I need wide hips to give birth successfully
BUSTED! There are too many variables in birth to be able to comment on whether a person’s body shape, e.g. hips, impact on outcomes.

MYTH: Second births and babies are easier
Second (and subsequent) births can be faster (not always), but that doesn’t mean they will always be easier.

MYTH: When you see your newborn you will fall in love again
Not everyone feels an instant bond with their newborns. This is perfectly normal.

There are plenty more myths where these came from! If you want the latest in real information, backed up with practical advice from a decade delivering babies, then join my online antenatal programs today. With face-to-face hospital classes still on hold, you need a program that works for you and gives you everything you need, including real humans! 


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