What my clients say...

I've always loved what I do, but hearing the amazing feedback I get from my clients makes me love it even more! From reducing fear, giving them confidence and helping them adjust to life with their new addition, I'm so proud I'm able to make a difference in their lives. Here's just some of the kind words they've sent me over the years.

Kat & Luke

In this video, hear how joining the program has reduced Kat & Luke's worries and concerns about their upcoming birth and parenting journey. They now feel reassured that they've the tools and knowledge to approach birth with confidence and are looking forward to meeting their baby.

They loved the format of the online program as it answered all their questions and they could pace the course to fit in with their busy lives. The live Q&A with Sarah was one of their favourite parts of the program as it personalised the experience and gave them an added sense of security.

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Jocelyn & Clint Berry

Living in rural NSW we found education options, especially for a caesarean birth, to be limited. I was very nervous about the caesarean, but I can honestly say I felt 100% more confident after Sarah’s program.

Sarah’s advice for once baby is home really set us up well, we’re still quoting her handy little tips as we navigate each day with our bub.

We highly recommend Sarah’s course for any expectant parents!

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Lara-Kate Keeton

Thank you Sarah for sharing your knowledge, expertise and advice with Dan and I.

The material you presented was easy to follow and presented to us in a way that wasn’t overwhelming but made us feel prepared for what’s to come during birth as well as after we come home as a family of three. 

You helped ease my concerns and make me feel calm about childbirth which I personally find to be a really scary concept. For that I can’t thank you enough!  

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Sylvia Jeffreys

Journalist & co-host of Today Extra

Sarah provided us with the knowledge and tools to approach childbirth as first time parents with calm confidence. 

During what can be a confusing and overwhelming time, Sarah is a trusted guide with a lovely, nurturing approach.

Jelena Jimenez

We were impressed with Sarah’s extensive experience went from not knowing much about babies to feeling extremely confident about our upcoming labour and parenthood. Sarah's style of delivering the class is coupled with her extensive experience at being a midwife, it was great to know we were getting a first hand experienced answer. I would like to thank Sarah for all her help and encourage everyone, especially if it's yours first baby, to join her course.

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Lexi & Nick Phillips

As first time parents we couldn’t have been happier than to have Sarah be a part of our pregnancy journey.  She provided exemplary knowledge, expertise and professionalism in what otherwise, could have been a daunting experience. Sarah went above and beyond to ensure we were well equipped and prepared for labour and bringing our bub home.

We couldn’t recommend Sarah highly enough!

Dr Keith Hartman

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Sarah has earned an excellent reputation for her skill and knowledge in the clinical setting and is renowned as a gifted teacher.

I regularly refer my clients to Sarah and they have, without exception, given her a “rave review’. They have found her to be kind, patient, practical and extremely helpful at a time when they felt nervous and lacking in confidence in their important new role of motherhood.

Sarah is a true professional, and being a mother herself, she really does understand the anxiety many women feel, especially in their first pregnancy.

I can highly recommend Sarah Tooke to any woman who is seeking antenatal classes and/or expert assistance with her new baby.

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Sarah & Martin Slapp

We cannot thank you enough! Your knowledge, expertise, professionalism and topics covered were above and beyond but everything was very informative and important.  We still learnt and gained so much from you even though we had done our own research as well. You covered extremely valuable topics which no other hospital experience provides! I will recommend your services to everyone as this was the most helpful thing I have done in this wonderful adventure!

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Katherine & Joseph Scarf

We found Sarah's birth classes very valuable, insightful, engaging and informative. She explained all aspects of pregnancy, birth and newborn life in a very succinct and concise manner. Not only is Sarah incredibly knowledgable but she executes all her learnings in a very understanding way. I highly recommend Sarah Tooke for all new mums and dads. She is the expert in her field.

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John Morabito

My partner and I were greatly impressed by the quality childbirth and parenting education Sarah provided us. She made us feel at ease from the start and her teaching style can best be described as interactive and supportive. We liked the way she incorporated theory and backed this up by her own personal experience as a parent and registered nurse. We are extremely grateful we met Sarah and as a result have been able to build our confidence and put into practice her teaching.  I’d have no hesitation in highly recommending her.

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Rebecca & Adam Van Den Thillart

Becoming pregnant with our second child was so exciting but daunting at the same time. Knowing we would now be a family of 4, we felt we needed a refresher antenatal class. Our first and only consideration was Sarah. We had such a positive birth experience, Sarah’s class was a key factor, and for that we will be eternally grateful! Sarah is personable, kind, professional and most importantly very knowledgeable. Thanks again!

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Nikki Aitchison

Sarah! You are the childbirth and parenting guru!! Booking you’re private classes at home was the best decision we made. We feel so much better about what to expect over the next few months. You’re honesty and calm approach to teaching made me relaxed and excited about what’s to come… Even the “not so pretty” things! Thank you so much!!

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My husband & I couldn’t be happier with what Sarah delivered. Every little piece of information was so helpful and accurate also very easy to take on board. Being first time parents we were unsure of a lot and Sarah was able to educate us on exactly what we needed to know. I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough to all parents out there she is an absolute angel and so educated!

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