Childbirth & Parenting Program

Childbirth & Parenting Program 

Be empowered with everything you need to know for labour, childbirth and early parenting.

This program is blends the best in online bite-sized content you watch when and where you want with direct access to Sarah in Q&A calls.

No more spending 8 hours of your weekend stuck in front of the computer with dozens of other couples. 

Learn from one of Sydney's best midwives who will help ease the fear, overwhelm and uncertainty and get the confidence to have the best birth possible.

Here's what's covered in this program

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Your body

  • Get a better understanding of the female body and how we are built for pregnancy and childbirth
  • In-depth overview of the amazing process that births your baby
  • How to look after your body during pregnancy including your abdominals and pelvic floor
  • Warnings signs in pregnancy that indicate you should call your caregiver
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Vaginal Birth

  • The stages involved in labour, what to expect and how you'll feel during each phase
  • How labour starts and how you know you're in labour
  • Strategies to cope with pain in labour including breathing, visualisation and tips for support people
  • When to go to hospital
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Pain Relief & Intervention

  • Your medically-based pain relief options, what to expect with each and the pros, cons and risks
  • What happens if you need to be induced and how the process works
  • The options that may be needed to help your baby leave your body safely including vacuum and forceps
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Caesarean Birth

  • An overview of the reasons for planned and unplanned caesareans
  • Understand what to expect in a caesarean section with a detailed walkthrough of the  procedure, who is in the room and what happens after birth 
  • The varying anaesthetic options that may be used
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Emotional Wellbeing

  • Learn what perinatal anxiety and depression is and the importance of looking after our emotional as well as physical wellbeing
  • Understand the red flags that may indicate you need help
  • Where to go to get help
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  • What to expect in the early days of breastfeeding 
  • How to know if your baby is hungry and whether they've had enough
  • How to get a good attachment, and positioning options 
  • Practical demonstrations of how to prepare to feed, hand express and identify proper sucking
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Early parenting

  • Understand what your newborn baby will look like and early tests and immunisations
  • A parenting expert's top tips for feeding, sleeping and settling
  • All about crying, routines and how to sleep your baby safely
  • How to wrap and bath a baby, change a nappy and baby massage tips
  • The best baby products to buy
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Body after baby

  • Advice from an expert women's physio on recovering from abdominal wall separation
  • How to care for your pelvic floor after pregnancy and childbirth
  • Signs of prolapse and what you can do now to avoid it happening

Hi! I'm Sarah!

I know you're excited and nervous all at the same time, which is why you can trust me to empower you with the knowledge to have a positive birth experience.

As a mum, midwife and childbirth educator for over 10 years I've seen and heard it all, and I can't wait to meet you in our program.


What makes our program different? 

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Bit-sized content

Access our amazing content anywhere, anytime from your device of choice. Watch all at once, over a number of weeks, or even re-watch the parenting modules after baby has arrived.

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Live Q&A Calls

Join Sarah and other expectant parents on live Q&A calls to have your specific questions answered. Calls are run regularly over Zoom and you book into a session that suits you. 

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Practical demonstrations

Watch live demonstrations of how to bath and wrap a baby, how to change a nappy, massage your baby as well as downloadable guides and checklists.

Your questions answered

I'm nervous about an online course...

I get it! I was hesitant to take my programs online for fear of losing the personal touch that is so important at this time.

Watch this short video to hear what changed my mind, why I'm now a complete convert and the part of the program I absolutely love!


What others say about Sarah

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Jocelyn & Clint Berry

Living in rural NSW we found education options, especially for a caesarean birth, to be limited. I was very nervous about the caesarean, but I can honestly say I felt 100% more confident after Sarah’s program.

Sarah’s advice for once baby is home really set us up well, we’re still quoting her handy little tips as we navigate each day with our bub.

We highly recommend Sarah’s course for any expectant parents!

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Lexi & Nick Phillips

As first time parents we couldn’t have been happier than to have Sarah be a part of our pregnancy journey.  She provided exemplary knowledge, expertise and professionalism in what otherwise, could have been a daunting experience.

Sarah went above and beyond to ensure we were well equipped and prepared for labour and bringing our bub home.

We couldn’t recommend Sarah highly enough!

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Be the best grandparent possible and get the latest information on everything that's changed since you had kids in a brand new online Grandparenting Program. Learn about key changes in pregnancy, sleeping, wrapping and why no one uses cabbage leaves anymore!

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