Grandparenting Program

Grandparenting Program 

It's so exciting! Being  a grandparent has to be one of the best roles ever! But much has changed over the decades and it's important that you are brought up-to-date on how today's expectant parents are managing their pregnancy, preparing to birth and how they'll handle their early days with their newborn.

This program is blends the best in online bite-sized content you watch when and where you want with direct access to Sarah in our dedicated Grandparenting Live Q&A calls.

Be the best grandparent possible, or if you're expecting, bring your parents up-to-date on all that has changed and feel even more supported at this exciting time in your life.

Here's what's covered in this program

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What's changed

  • A detailed overview of all the key changes in pregnancy, birth  and parenting over the last few decades
  • Why pregnant women can seem like fussy eaters
  • Essential changes to how we sleep babies based on new research
  • How the role and expectation of dads has changed 
  • Practical tips on how to be helpful
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Early parenting

  • Understand what your newborn grandchild may look like and common lumps and bumps that are perfectly normal
  • How to sleep baby safely on their back
  • Practical demonstration showing you how to change a disposable nappy and wrap a baby
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Emotional Wellbeing

  • Support your adult children by learning about perinatal anxiety and depression
  • Understand the importance of looking after their emotional as well as physical wellbeing, especially in times of change
  • Understand the red flags that may indicate they need help
  • Where to go to get help

Hi! I'm Sarah!

I know you're excited about being a grandparent - it's such an important role! A lot has changed since you had your kids which is why you can trust me to empower you with the knowledge to be the best grandparent possible.

As a mum, midwife and childbirth educator for over 10 years I've seen and heard it all, and I can't wait to meet you in our program.


What makes our program different? 

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Bite-sized content

Access our amazing content anywhere, anytime from your device of choice and easily navigate through the modules. 

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Live Q&A Calls

Join Sarah on dedicated Grandparenting live Q&A calls run over Zoom to have your specific questions answered

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Practical demonstrations

Watch live demonstrations with simple instructions of how to change a disposable nappy and wrap a baby

Your questions answered

What others say about Sarah

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Dr Keith Hartman
Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Sarah has earned an excellent reputation for her skill and knowledge in the clinical setting and is renowned as a gifted teacher. I regularly refer my clients to Sarah and they have, without exception, found her to be kind, patient, practical and extremely helpful at a time when they felt nervous and lacking in confidence in their important new role of motherhood. I can highly recommend Sarah to any woman who is seeking antenatal classes and/or expert assistance with her new baby.

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Sylvia Jeffreys
Journalist & co-host of Today Extra

Sarah provided us with the knowledge and tools to approach childbirth as first time parents with calm confidence.

During what can be a confusing and overwhelming time, Sarah is a trusted guide with a lovely, nurturing approach

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